Alara Alkan
Alexis Moran
Alexis Tingey
Bellafonté Studio
Forma Rosa Studio
Monica Curiel
Ladies and Gentlemen Studio
Nifemi Ogunro
Studio Mano
Ginger Gordon
Jaeyeon Park
Jialun Xiong
Kate Greenberg
Madeline Isakson
Via Simone Saint Bon 1,
Milan, Italy.
Room C6, Casa delle
Suore Building.
Hello human
[Curatorial statement]

Labels, whether correctly or incorrectly attached to people, identities, groups, ideas or objects are the way we as a society can begin to understand, categorize and contextualize the world around us.

This is America is an opportunity for us as part of a diverse nation of designers, communicators and curators to rechart the territories, labels and previous conceptions of American design by showcasing our reflections and views of what American design is today, and who's behind it.

What we have discovered is an enormously diverse set of viewpoints and cultural references from designers as they express the idea of America through the lenses of cultural diversity, decolonization, climate migration, post-pandemic life, consumerism, materiality, technology and craftsmanship.
Alara Alkan (she/her) in partnership with Stefan Di Leo (he/him)
Turkish-American, and American living in New York Presenting “Midsummer”, an interactive and multi-functional mirror / room divider / light that aims to return us to our primal selves. Designed in partnership with Stefan Di Leo
Alexis Moran (she/her)
American, living in San Francisco Presenting “Strea Chairs”, two chairs that aim to inspire users to be present and interact with each other
Alexis Tingey (she/her)
Mexican-American, living in Rhode Island Presenting “Ripple Floor Lamp 01” and “Ripple Floor Lamp 02”, two sculptural lights crafted in steel  
Bellafonté Studio (she/her)
Afro-American, born and based in Philadelphia Presenting “Gaze” and “Mountain”, a mirror and a chair crafted using wood laminating techniques
Forma Rosa Studio (she her & he/him)
Peruvian and American, based in Brooklyn Presenting “The Botryoidal Lamp”, a light whose form has been digitally-grown and materialized in experimental, handcrafted ceramic and glaze-work
Monica Curiel (she/her)
Mexican-American, living in Denver Presenting “Paño”, “Dos Caras” (Lamp Prototype No.2), “Candelabra Prototype No.1”, and “Melting Candleholders”, sculptural pieces inspired by her childhood memories that are an organic extension of her painting process
Ladies and Gentlemen Studio (she/her & he/him)
Taiwanese and American, based in New York Presenting "Veil", an ambient lighting collection utilizing textiles to evoke a sense of quiet lightness through illumination, shadow and diffusion
Nifemi Ogunro
Brooklyn, NY Presenting “Untitled”, a shelving unit crafted in wood and gritty concrete
Studio Mano (he/him)
Brazilian-Japanese, living in California Presenting “The Climate Refugees”, an installation of over 20 individual handcrafted that aims to highlight the detrimental climate issues and its impact on American communities
Ginger Gordon (she/her)
American, living in Brooklyn Presenting “Silhouette Stool” and “Portal Screen”, a stool and a screen that invite viewers to escape into imaginary worlds
Jaeyeon Park (he/him)
Korean, living in Detroit Presenting “Ski” and “Tennis”, two chairs crafted with epoxy clay and found objects
Jialun Xiong (she/her)
Chinese, living in Los Angeles Presenting “Folds”, a single sofa that explores the dichotomies between the hard lines of metal sheets and the softness of cushions; and “Dwell” side table, a miniature of the most fundamental architecture
Kate Greenberg (she/her)
American, living in Oakland Presenting "Steam Shelf" and "Flutter" coffee table, two pieces that re-image the collective concept of domestic furniture
Madeline Isakson (she/her)
American, living in Michigan Presenting “99¢ Mirror”, a wooden mirror that explores the idea of objects’ value and consumerism
mym (she/her)
Iranian-American, living in San Francisco Presenting “Mil-Stone”, a bench inspired by Varzesh e Pahlevani, Iran’s millenary sport of heroes
The CuratorS
Alma Lopez-Moses,
Liz Wert

Hello Human-
Jenny Nguyen
[Aditions - CURATOR]
ADITIONS is a San-Francisco-based creative studio founded by Alma Lopez and Liz Wert, focused on re-imagining connection through spatial experiences. With a conceptual approach centered in narrative, interactive exploration and sourcing local, the studio’s work challenges traditional uses of spatial needs. ADITIONS believes design yields boundless opportunity to foster connections–to our personal and communal identities, amongst industries and cultures, alike.

Hello Human is a New York-based global PR company for small scale design studios, founded by Jenny Nguyen. Giving independent creatives access to crucial PR services that have traditionally been out of reach, Hello Human’s mission is to help small creative businesses thrive, by sharing their unique stories with the communities that care.

Hello Human seeks to reinvent the PR agency model, making it more affordable, transparent and approachable. With a commitment to representing the underrepresented, Hello Human proudly serves 83% BIPOC, female-owned and social-impact design studios.

Canoa is the first end-to-end design platform for fast, adaptive, low-carbon commercial retrofits.

Founded in 2019 by Federico Negro, former Global Head of Design at WeWork and Founder of the digital consultancy Case, CANOA aims to transform the full lifecycle of commercial furniture in the United States, from design, to ordering and fulfillment, to inventory management and end of life-handling. CANOA increases access to beautiful, healthy and human-centered environments at the commercial scale, while helping businesses address the waste side of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives.

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